Super-Sod, a subsidiary of Patten Seed Company

About Super-Sod, a subsidiary of Patten Seed Company

Patten Seed Company began in 1893 in Lakeland, Georgia, as a general store providing seed for customers. Since then, Patten Seed Company has brought innovation to the turfgrass industry through production of seed and sod varieties. Patten Seed grows, processes, and ships Zenith Zoysia and TifBlair Centipede seed for lawns across the world.

Super-Sod, a subsidiary of Patten Seed Company, was formed in 1980 to market sod to expanding urban markets. Super-Sod grows and delivers freshly harvested sod to both retail and wholesale customers in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Super-Sod farms produce Soil3, an OMRI-listed organic compost. Sold and delivered in a cubic-yard BigYellowBag, this product is created specifically to improve soil health in lawns and gardens in the Southeast.

Patten Seed and Super-Sod continuously develop new garden products; foster gardening and landscaping; and seek improvement in farming practices, technology, environmental stewardship and employee knowledge.

Regional Employees
Fort Valley, GA

The Super-Sod crew has embraced the newest product rolled out over the past year - Husqvarna Automower robotic lawn mowers. Here team members explain Automower benefits to attendees of the North Atlanta Home Show.

After a particularly busy summer, Super-Sod's Georgia employees brought their families to enjoy a day packed with activities at the Rock Ranch as part of a company picnic.

Super-Sod's inside sales staff takes a tour of the Middle Georgia farm to better understand day-to-day farm operations and provide customers better insight.

Delivery drivers have embraced recent technology changes to ensure your sod or Soil3 compost arrives on time. Here the driver unloads a cubic yard BigYellowBag full of Soil3.