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FullStory takes a fundamentally different approach to understanding your customer experience. One tiny script unlocks pixel-perfect playback, automatic insights, funnel analytics, and robust search and segmentation – all without the need to manually tag your site's code.
FullStory's playback perfectly captures even the gnarliest single-page apps built on any JavaScript framework. They're not just videos either, our playbacks are fully-working recreation of your site, code and all, so they look great on any size screen and no detail is ever lost, no matter how tiny.
By capturing more customer experience data than any other solution in one powerful, easy-to-use platform, FullStory is able to empower everyone in an organization to help build the best online experience for their customers.
We do this by hiring the best talent and giving you structured autonomy. We don't believe in micromanaging your time; after all, smart, driven people are their own best bosses. We believe there is no problem that can't be made better by bringing together people with a broader set of perspectives.

Regional Employees
Information Technology
Atlanta, GA

Every Friday the entire company comes together for the weekly all hands, affectionately known as Hug-it-Out.

Enjoying some of the unique workspaces at the FullStory headquarters. FullStory's office boasts an open workspace with nooks and crannies (they are actually called the nooks and crannies), spaces in the "totem" (pictured here), a game room, and conference rooms with onomatopoeia words as names.

Some FullStorians at PAWS Atlanta. The company's volunteer group, FullService, has also recently given time to The Giving Kitchen and had a group of walkers at Purple Stride for Pancreatic Cancer.

From the annual chili cookoff, hot dog eating contest, and cookie bake to the massive hot sauce collection to surprised homemade goodies brought to the office on a daily basis... it is apparent that FullStorians love to eat.


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