The St. James Tearoom

About The St. James Tearoom

The St. James Tearoom aims to be a truly counter-cultural force in our city. We intentionally strive to cultivate Community and Connection between people, using our 4-star-rated Afternoon Tea dining experience, our theme-focused Special Events, and even our Market, one of the finest boutique gift shops in Albuquerque. We provide a space to unplug from the age of social media, where some might struggle with loneliness and isolation without face-to-face connections. We allow our guests to deeply connect with each other, to grow old relationships and to make new ones, to find sanctuary from a hectic world. We celebrate life with our guests, mourn when they mourn, and relish one of the things that makes life worth living—relationships!

As owner Mary Alice Higbie explains it, our determined purpose is to run our business in such a way that it encourages every person who comes through our doors, whether it be employees, guests, or vendors, to be intentional in 'infusing meaning and significance into others' lives" and connecting with them in meaningful, flourishing ways.

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Hospitality, Entertainment, Recreation, & Travel
Albuquerque, NM
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The gentleman of The St. James Tearoom.

Ladies enjoying tea.

Cherie adding a finishing touch of frosting to our cakes.

Our "Whimsical Wonderland Teatime" menu.