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When Andrew Siegel started Payday, Inc. in 1985, few companies were “outsourcing” and most employers performed payroll functions “in-house”. As outsourcing caught on and technology advanced, Payday Inc. converted clients to industry-leading software and embraced business trends with unique payroll solutions.

Over the past 30 years, Payday, Inc. grew into New Mexico's largest independently owned payroll processing firm. Payday, Inc. has now transitioned into Payday HCM, a competitively priced Human Capital Management firm that handles payroll processing, benefits and ACA reporting, human resources, staffing, time-keeping, pay as you go Workers' Compensation, HRIS and retirement planning.

With locations in NM, AZ, CO, and TX, over 1400 clients now enjoy Payday HCM's big firm experience and small firm attention.

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