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About Children's Choice Child Care Services, Inc.

Children's Choice is all about afterschool programming for elementary school kids and creating extended learning opportunities during their out-of-school-time hours

It's about (1) keeping them safe, (2) teaching important life skills and social skills, and (3) supporting academic learning through fun and enjoyable activities, clubs, and classes.

We provide top-quality, nationally accredited, 5-star licensed, full-service, year-round child care to more than 1000 students.

In addition to that we provide professionally instructed enrichment classes in fine arts, science, literacy and math. This year we are providing more than 50 tuition-free enrichment classes for more than 600 children in at-risk schools.

We push the envelope of what the absolute best ASPs should and could be and we take that model around the country showing other programs how to do what we do.

We provide enrichment clubs and classes to give kids the opportunity to experience learning in areas that they might not get a chance to experience in the normal school day. We do this to help create a SPARK, to get them fired up and interested to learn NEW things.

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