About TransCor America

TransCor is a private prisoner transportation company. TransCor began in 1990, with the merger of Extradition Corporation of America and American Corrections Transport. Within a few years, In 2003, after more than a decade of growth, our passion for public safety and serving our partner agencies resulted in the acquisition of Tri-County Extradition. Following this period of growth, we took formalized our vision as a company, which we call the TCA Way. Our guiding principles include: Integrity, Respect, Trust and Loyalty. It’s what matters most to us.

In 2010, TransCor reached an historic milestone, having safely transported more than one million prisoners or detainees.

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What employees say

“I love my job because it inspires me to meet my goals in life.”
“I'm given the flexibility to make decisions and perform my job as I feel necessary.”
“It gives me the opportunity to enjoy life after work.”
“The culture is conducive for learning and promotion. The job creates an environment for quality teamwork.”
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