About LifeLink Foundation, Inc.

LifeLink Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, community service organization dedicated to the recovery and transplantation of organs and tissue. The Foundation supports research efforts to enhance the available supply of organs and tissue for transplant patients, improves clinical outcomes of patients post transplantation, and works closely with the United Network for Organ Sharing to support its goals. Our staffs work collaboratively with hospital partners, medical examiners, volunteers, driver license offices, tax collectors, media, Board of Governors, advisory boards and donor families to help eliminate the wait for the 123,000 patients in need of life-saving transplants; 5,000+ of whom are in Florida.

What employees say

“Employees are valued at LifeLink and that is evident in many ways.”
“I am able to do my best and get rewarded for my effort with bonuses.”
“I believe I am making a difference. ”
“I feel like I am a part of something meaningful.”
“I'm paid well. My work helps others in a huge way. The people I work with are a pleasure to work with.”
Where to find LifeLink Foundation, Inc.