About GTE Financial

GTE Financial is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. This means we make decisions for the benefit of all our customers, whom we call member-owners, because each one has a stake, or ownership, in our cooperative. GTE doesn’t make a profit just to turn it over to anonymous shareholders. The money we earn is returned to our “shareholders” – our members – in the form of higher dividends, lower rates and new products and services. GTE offers all the virtual conveniences you want like Online Banking, Bill Pay, person-to-person payments and remote deposit capture, and 30,000 ATMs absolutely free to members.

Also, member benefits like financial literacy programs, contests and giveaways throughout the year, as well as appreciation events are offered for them. It provides full range of community development products and services designed to meet the needs of members of low-to-moderate means.

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What employees say

“I make a difference in people's lives. The pressure here is far less than at other companies I've worked at and the people are far more supportive. We don't get pressure to open false accounts!”
“I work with amazing people who are always willing to help me.”
“I feel appreciated and my manager is concerned about my wellbeing. GTE cares about work and home life balance.”
“I love the work I do and GTE provides me the opportunity to develop programs that positively impact the employees and organization.”
“The difference we make in our community.”
Where to find GTE Financial