About Clearwater Central Catholic High School

Clearwater Central Catholic High School, a college-preparatory school in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, is committed to educating the whole person with "Minds for truth, hearts for love, and hands for service." Our rigorous academic program and extensive co-curricular program encourages students to develop their spiritual, intellectual; moral, physical, and creative potential and inspires them to respect the diversity among themselves and in the world beyond high school. We challenge students to pursue justice and serve others in society.

What employees say

“My connections with the people and students.”
“I feel as though I am making a positive contribution to the lives of our students, families and community. I enjoy the people I work with and feel as though we have a dynamic, positive team. ”
“CCC is receiving strong positive support in the community - enrollment is up, charitable giving is increasing, our students are achieving at high levels and leadership is strong. ”
“That it's all about the kids! Everyone working together to help these students succeed in life.”
Where to find Clearwater Central Catholic High School