About Saxum

Saxum is a full-service integrated marketing communications agency with offerings in advertising, public relations and digital areas of expertise. We have a highly specialized energy communications practice while also serving other industries including healthcare, consumer, philanthropy among others. Because Saxum is an integrated agency, our team members are very diverse: left-brained executives and right-brained creative with various educational backgrounds, real-world experiences and personal interests. This makes for an efficient, hard-working environment full of people who work hard, play hard and enjoy being together.

What employees say

“I feel genuinely valued. I love the people. I love that we're constantly striving to be better. I believe we have a great reputation. ”
“I feel valued by my team and senior leadership. Saxum cares about each employee as a whole person, and it is palpable throughout the office and within teams. ”
Where to find Saxum