About Guernsey

Guernsey is a mosaic of engineering, architectural and consulting services. If you examine us closely, you might only see the component pieces. But if you look at the bigger picture, you see a unique, cohesive, employee-owned firm, capable of handling a wide array of projects, private or public, with a clients-first commitment. We are a multi-discipline firm, employing engineers, architects, planners, consultants, environmental scientists, designers, analysts, accountants and managers. Our clients include federal, state and local government; military entities; utilities; Native American tribes; universities; Fortune 500 companies; oil and gas companies; and more.

Because we offer all these services under one roof, we are able to collaborate efficiently, giving you access to expert advice in a variety of disciplines and business sectors.

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What employees say

“I am part of building the future while taking the very successful platform forward. ”
“I have opportunities to work in the phases of architecture I love.”
“I am learning new things daily.”
“I feel valued and appreciated as a team member and as a person.”
“Work culture that treats staff as adult professionals and encourages growth and a strong work/life balance.”
Where to find Guernsey