About Centek Inc.

Centek designs, markets and manufactures innovative oilfield centralizers and stop collars and began operations in Oklahoma City in 2012. When drilling oil and gas wells it is vitally important to ensure that no contamination of ground water occurs through good zonal isolation of the casing string. Good centralization is crucial to achieve this. Centek’s products provide the best centralization in the industry resulting in an excellent cement sheath in the borehole thereby helping to protect the environment and optimize well production. We provide our customers with piece of mind through exceptional service and quality with a product that never fails, helping America achieve energy independence.

What employees say

“I have the freedom to do what I think is best for the company and our people.”
“We care about each other and are treated fairly and are appreciated. We are a family.”
“We are a family.”
“The management team.”
“Ability to grow.”
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