About Boardman, LLC

Boardman is a custom plate steel fabricator with the ability to fabricate pieces as big as 200' long, 400,000lbs, 18' diameter, and 4" thick. Boardman has been involved in the community since 1910. Boardman fabricated equipment is shipped to locations all over the world. We currently have the ability to weld over 1,200 different procedures and a wide variety of material including, carbon, stainless, nickel alloys, Duplex, and Clad, just to name a few. Boardman is the expert in pressure vessel manufacturing and have been one of the most respected fabricators in the USA for over 100 years.

We have had a strong presence in the Oklahoma City community since 1910.

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What employees say

“We are a values-driven company that cares deeply about our people. ”
“Good wages and benefits. Leadership wants you to succeed. ”
“Wants each individual to take charge of their responsibilities. ”
“Boardman is a great place to work. I don't dread coming to work”
“That significant investments have been made in people and equipment, and that values are most important.”
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