About Advantage Controls LLC

Advantage Controls manufactures pumps and control systems designed to reduce water, chemical, and energy consumption in industrial water treatment systems such as cooling towers and boilers. Advantage Controls' equipment conserves natural resources and prolongs the life of capital equipment by minimizing mineral scale deposits, metal corrosion, and microbiological growth in recirculating water systems. Through their Advantage TerraFab division, the company also provides structural steel manufacturing and powder coating services for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.

From fabricating components for bridge construction to powder coating race car frames, Advantage TerraFab serves a diverse base of government and private sector customers.

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What employees say

“The employees and managers are approachable and friendly.”
“I have the freedom to make my own choices.”
“I feel I have a voice. I'm also empowered to make decisions without fear of repercussions. I work with good people and good customers at a company that values morals, integrity and cares about people.”
“The relaxed and personal atmosphere.”
“It gives me the opportunity to channel my creativity and work ethic toward a team goal of success.”
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