About GutCheck

GutCheck is a global, online agile market research solution that enables our clients to get quick consumer reads to address business questions, whenever they need to be answered. Whether it’s scheduled research or an unplanned question, our flexible quantitative and qualitative platform enables us to instantly recruit your target audience. Our full-service team designs and executes the study to give you the insights and confidence you need to react and move your business forward.

What employees say

“I have the freedom to make decisions within the GASI framework.”
“My managers empower me to constantly improve the quality of my work, and I feel like I have a huge capacity to enact change within the company.”
“The people, the transparency and the type of work.”
“The people are great, I am treated with respect, and I am trusted. ”
“We hold true to it. It isn't a shell of a statement to make people feel better, it is what we do here at GutCheck. ”
Where to find GutCheck