About Howard, LLP

Howard, LLP is a Dallas-based accounting firm that has provided valued financial consulting, audit, assurance and tax services to individuals and businesses across multiple industries for over 30 years. The Howard team takes pride in helping both domestic and international clients achieve financial goals and peace of mind by resolving their toughest, most complex financial issues. Howard professionals are more than just CPAs; they’re insightful problem solvers and trusted advisors. Additional information about the firm can be found at www.howard-cpas.com.

What employees say

“It gives me the flexibility to work different hours if needed for family affairs. Howard is a family values company and it shows in the partners and management staff. ”
“Management considers everyone's opinions on important subject, creating an environment where we can feel comfortable sharing our own ideas.”
“I love my job because of the people I work with.”
“We really do work "off the spreadsheet." We have managers that think about their choices and communicate effectively.”
“The level of technical understanding that managers and partners have is impressive, coupled with a high degree of patience makes for an excellent learning environment where I can grow professionally.”
Where to find Howard, LLP