About Emler Swim School Inc

Emler Swim School teaches more than 36,000 children a year to swim, at ages as young as 2 months old.  We produce highly skilled swimmers by gently working through the fears that can hinder very young children from swimming.  We teach the lifesaving skills needed to stay safe in the water, using a time-tested curriculum that helps every swimmer gain confidence and achieve their goals. Emler also provides fun, carefree Birthday Parties and Pool Parties.  This year, Emler Swim School celebrates its 41st anniversary!

What employees say

“How well the team works together, and how much they truly care about the customers. ”
“It is fun and everyone loves to be here.”
“The understanding and flexibility of members and supervisors.”
“Because I make a positive difference in children's lives every day. ”
“I come to work every day and make a difference in the lives of children and the staff members that I serve. ”
Where to find Emler Swim School Inc