About Commonwealth Psychology Associates

CPA is a specialty behavioral health center offering a unique breadth and depth of services, including psychotherapy, health psychology, biofeedback & stress management training, neuropsychological testing, ADHD evaluations, medication consultation, and more. Our multi-disciplinary team approach assures that each client's care is highly personalized. CPA’s providers offer a rare level of expertise and specialty training; our psychology staff is composed entirely of doctoral level clinicians, which is rare in group practices. Our staff’s extensive training, experience and knowledge of evidence-based services set us apart.

Our emphasis on overall health also is unique. Our clinicians help clients address sleep, pain, diet, exercise and medical conditions that can diminish emotional functioning. This approach aids the therapy process, improving overall outcomes. We believe addressing clients as whole beings leads to faster, more lasting improvements in mental health, physical health and overall well-being.

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What employees say

“There is endless opportunity for growth and learning. Everyone here is very encouraging and genuinely want people to thrive and succeed.”
“I am doing work that I love and I feel like I am making a difference.”
“Space to operate autonomously, and to make and implement decisions.”
“We have the opportunity to try to help people every day.”
Where to find Commonwealth Psychology Associates