About Aqueduct Technologies

Aqueduct Technologies has a stimulating approach to how we operate as a company. We have a convenient location right outside of Boston in Waltham, MA where clients and prospects can readily and frequently visit our space. Our team has been hand selected to create a positive and fun work environment, where new ideas and improvements are not only welcomed but rewarded. Both of Aqueduct's owners encourage unique activities which continuously improve and build up office moral. Ranging from fun out of the office events, happy hours, beer cart Friday's, cakes to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, annual summer outings, an entire room dedicated to playing video games, nerf guns supplied for spontaneous fights, catered lunches, free fitness center in our office building, fully paid for new phones and laptops, the ability to work from home, baby club for new parents, and of course your standard 401k matching and benefits, they always put their employees first. Putting all the fun aspects aside, there is an open door policy. The company has been growing at a fast pace over the past two years, and as we continue to expand, new ideas flow and the company continues to become more diverse and substantial.

What employees say

“Friendly environment.”
“Aqueduct is a vibrant place to work full of amazing employees and managers.”
“My efforts do not go unnoticed and I feel appreciated here.”
“We are in a space that is rapidly growing and transforming. I feel we are on the leading edge of that wave.”
“We are a true team, from the top down. We all have the same mission and we all strive to be the best. ”
“The people are all highly qualified and highly exciting.”
Where to find Aqueduct Technologies