Top Workplaces Case Study:
The Menninger Clinic

The Menninger Clinic Taps Energage Insights for Continuous Improvement

The Menninger Clinic is a mental healthcare system with assessment and treatment for people with complex psychiatric disorders. A teaching hospital affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine, Menninger has been ranked among the top 10 psychiatric hospitals by U.S. News for 31 consecutive years

The Menninger Clinic

Houston, TX
Mid-Sized Business
(100-999 employees)

Gather and easily access authentic trending data about the employee experience to inform business decisions that enable continuous improvement across the organization.

  • Workplace Survey – confidential, science-based employee engagement survey
  • Insights – survey feedback analysis using industry’s most robust, accurate benchmark
  • Pulse – short, targeted surveys for quick check-ins on any topic with any group
  • Top Workplaces – employer recognition award program
  • Earned Top Workplaces recognition nine times since 2012.
  • Implemented regular two-way communication with employees using an annual survey, plus short pulse surveys for just-in-time updates on key initiatives.
  • Increased employee productivity and strengthened engagement by ensuring employees feel heard and have what they need to do their jobs effectively.

As a world leader in psychiatric treatment, research, and professional education, it’s important that Menninger’s 400+ employees feel supported so they can continue providing world-class care to the clinic’s patients.

When Andrea Preisinger joined The Menninger Clinic in 2015 as Vice President of Human Resources, she was pleased to see that the organization had been issuing an employee engagement survey for several years as part of the Top Workplaces program. This meant she already had access to year-over-year data she could use to prioritize her efforts to improve workplace culture. It also meant that she had a baseline from which to determine the success of future initiatives.

“The Energage Platform makes it simple to dig into the data and look at specific departments or groups,” said Preisinger. “The survey results serve as a tremendous launching pad to open up the lines of communication. Because we have access to such targeted data analysis, we can be confident that our discussions are focused on what is most important to each group, ensuring we have the greatest impact.”

"Being able to supplement our annual survey with short, targeted pulse surveys, means we don’t have to wait a full year to address important workplace issues that matter to our people.”

Keeping Pace with Critical Workplace Changes

When Preisinger saw that some focus areas required immediate attention in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide social justice and equality movements, she reached out to Energage to add Pulse to her platform to enable leadership to track progress and get real-time input on time-sensitive issues.

“Using Pulse, leadership has more confidence in its decisions because we have direct, honest feedback on crucial issues, such as working from home and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI),” said Preisinger.

Within days of receiving the DEI results from the annual engagement survey, Preisinger enlisted the help of a DEI consultant to build and implement a company-wide program. After six months, she was able to issue a pulse survey to determine its impact.

“Employees have developed an appreciation for these surveys because they know it means we want to hear what they have to say, even if we can’t always make the changes they request,” said Preisinger. “Their honest feedback has helped us to quickly tap into what our employees really feel so we can incorporate their input into our work plans. That has been a tremendous benefit to our business.”

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