Top Workplaces Spotlight:
Master Fluid Solutions

Q&A with Jim Perry, Senior VP of HR & Organizational Excellence at Master Fluid Solutions

Q: What makes a Top Workplaces award such a powerful recruiting tool?

A: The Top Workplaces program with Energage is quite simply a part of our brand, and we believe it is critical to promote and showcase your brand. Our priority is to be a great place to work. An organization where people wake up and want to come to work every day and that they are proud to tell their family and friends about. Earning this recognition each year, knowing it is based 100% on employee feedback, is a tremendous source of pride and validation that our efforts are having a positive impact. Being able to share our employees’ sentiments, captured in the Culture Cloud, has greatly strengthened our recruiting efforts, attracting some of the best talent in our industry, and helping us keep our best employees.

Q: How does seeing the words that show up in your Culture Cloud impact your decision-making throughout the year?

A: Feedback from our employees is very important to us. We take survey comments very seriously and work hard throughout the year to check-in, listen and make things better. We share the survey results with our continuous improvement teams. These are cross-functional teams carefully selected to ensure all parts of the organization are represented. By participating in Top Workplaces and utilizing Energage data analysis and survey tools, we feel confident we know what matters most to our employees and can help solve problems before they impact business operations. I am so proud to see Family in the center of our Culture Cloud. We strive every day to make our employees feel like family. We do everything we can to ensure we are improving their lives and the lives of their families. Energage and Top Workplaces plays a big role in making that possible.

Q: How else have you been able to leverage tools in the Insights product or use the Top Workplaces badge to support business initiatives?

A: Having a profile on is a great added benefit. Being able to drive candidates to a page hosted by Top Workplaces that showcases our mission and the recognition we have earned, adds even more value to our business. It increases visibility with candidates who prioritize people-first organizations in their search, and we benefit from being among an exclusive community of high-performance businesses.

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