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Founded and operated in the heart of Nashville, Soundstripe is one of the fastest growing music technology companies to emerge in the last five years. Driven by a unique subscription model that lets content creators pay a fee for unlimited usage of the music in Soundstripe’s catalog, the service has issued over 4 million music licenses to tens of thousands of video creators in over 130 countries — from YouTubers to freelance videographers, nonprofits, podcasters, and Fortune 1000 companies. That music is created by a team of composers, mix engineers, songwriters, producers, and other music industry professionals employed by Soundstripe to ensure that all tracks are of the highest quality. We believe individual experience and cultural fit are as valuable to our team as resume credentials. We seek the strongest talent in the industry to join us on our mission to Keep Creatives Creating and believe every Soundstripe employee’s alignment with our Core Values is the key to our success.

Keep Creatives Creating
Provide all customers with genuine and whimsical care.:
Confront harsh realities with optimism.:
Keep it light.:
Always strive to grow and learn.:
Develop and practice honest communication.:
Make it better.:
Date the model. Marry the mission.:
Be humble, and retain a giving and serving heart and mind.:
Quality over quantity.:
"Done" is better than "Perfect".:
Nashville, TN
57 US Employees
Music Licensing


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