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Prepaid Ventures, Ltd. Overview

Prepaid Ventures, LTD. is one of the leading processors of prepaid debit card solutions in the United States. Integrating cutting-edge technology and decades of financial experience, Prepaid Ventures offers innovative solutions to businesses looking to grow. Solutions that can bridge the gap between traditional paper services and electronic payments while maintaining your current business structure. Prepaid Ventures can help merchants who look to give their consumers excellent debit card services and unrivaled customer support. Prepaid Ventures protects merchants by monitoring fraud and risk, and provides consistent and useful consultative services.

Prepaid Ventures, LTD. is a leading provider of payment processing, program management, and prepaid debit card solutions in the United States. PrePaid Ventures offers innovative solutions and financial management technologies to businesses looking to grow and evolve into the electronic payments network. From full-service program management to consultative services, PrePaid Ventures allows clients, partners and merchants to give their consumers a wide range of customizable financial products and unrivaled in-house customer support. PrePaid Ventures offers an array of robust offerings including Multiple Wallets, Online Bill Pay, Direct Deposit, Mobile Apps, Websites, IVR’s and more. PrePaid Ventures is the parent company of NexsCard.
Additional Culture Details
Prepaid Venture’s customer service center is unique in many ways. They have established a company culture that is reflective of the entrepreneurial spirit in which Prepaid Ventures were founded. The customer service team is encouraged to think, act and always look for ways to better improve the systems in place. Every day the customer service team provides a positive, inclusive atmosphere where that can happen.

    The continued success of Prepaid Ventures is contributed largely to the customer service center that has worked and put in their effort to make sure each customer that calls, gets the best experience possible. Prepaid Ventures created a service level tool to measure the satisfaction of each call they receive and has consistently hit above-average percentile day in and day out. The Director of Prepaid Ventures Client Services, Lupe Hernandez, has taken pride in the work that her team is providing and looks for more ideas and tools that can be implemented in their daily transactions. Her competency in the understanding of being the front-facing individuals that tackle daily obstacles, questions and inquiries is the oil to the engine making sure everything is addressed so Prepaid Ventures can have continued growth and success in the future.
New Hyde Park, NY
50 US Employees
Financial Services


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