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P.W. Grosser Consulting Overview

PWGC is a multidisciplinary firm founded by Paul W. Grosser, PhD, PE in 1990
providing federal, state, municipal and private clients with quality environmental
consulting and engineering services. The firm’s main office is located in Bohemia, NY
with branch offices in Syracuse, NY, Seattle, WA and New York, NY.
PWGC has over 20 years of experience specializing in a wide range of Environmental,
Environmental Compliance and Engineering services and consists of 50+ diverse
professionals including civil, chemical, and environmental engineers, hydrogeologists,
geologists, and environmental scientists.

PWGC is a professional services firm providing a related set of environmental and engineering services to industry, commerce and government to help them meet their strategic goals.
We serve our clients, neighborhoods and society by providing them with "Strategic Environment Solutions."
PWGC provides client driven solutions for challenging environmental engineering projects for the public and private sectors. We work closely with our clients to develop practical approaches to meet their goals and to ensure a resilient and sustainable future.
Additional Culture Details
Transparent and collaborative culture with amazing benefits and a passionate and driven staff.
Always Client Driven
We understand our clients' needs and exeed their expectations.
We provide our clients with the best value in the marketplace.
We are responsive to our clients; return calls and emails promptly answering their questions thoughtfully and accurately.
We are flexible to our clients needs: telling them what we can do for them, not what we cannot.
Employee Owned Team
We are a TEAM and recognize that the best efforts of each individual help to benefit the entire team.
As an ESOP firm, every employee shareholder has a stake in the success and growth of the organization.
Firm growth is essential in providing career paths for everyone and increasing employee shareholder value.
Be Adaptable
We evolve to the changing marketplace and needs of our clients.
We are mindful to the changing needs of our employees: lifestyles, family demands and compensation.
We continually search for ways to expand our services and geographical reach to remain viable in the marketplace and provide growth opportunities for staff.
Live and Work Ethically
Our highest priority is the protection of public health and safe. We abide by the Professional Engineers and Geologists codes of ethics.
We respect all and exptect nothing less than the same in return.
We are transparent in all our internal and external transactions.
Bohemia, NY
65 US Employees
Environmental Engineering


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