New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

About New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

The state Division of Criminal Justice Services is a multi-function criminal justice support agency with a variety of responsibilities. The agency provides training to law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals; oversees a law enforcement agency accreditation program; ensures Breathalyzer and speed enforcement equipment used by local law enforcement operate correctly; manages criminal justice grant funds; collects, maintains and analyzes statewide crime data; provides research support; oversees county probation departments and alternatives to incarceration programs; and coordinates juvenile justice policy. DCJS also maintains criminal history records and fingerprint files and performs background checks required by law for employment and licensure. The agency also administers the Sex Offender Registry; the Missing Persons Clearinghouse; the state's DNA Databank in cooperation with the New York State Police; and provides staff support to independently appointed commissions and councils, including the New York State Commission on Forensic Science, which monitors and accredits the state’s forensic laboratories.

Albany, NY
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DCJS annually coordinates the New York State Police Officers' Memorial ceremony.

Training of NYS law enforcement professionals.

National Missing Children's Day poster contest 2016.

DCJS employees wearing purple created a “human ribbon” to raise awareness of domestic violence 2016.

What employees say

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I feel like what I do makes a difference for many people.

I fell like I am helping to make a better, safer environment for all.

Everyone that I interact with is very positive, professional, helpful, and friendly.

We care about our work and about the people we work with.

I am treated as a valued team member, my contributions in my area of expertise are appreciated, and even when given consecutive criticism, I am treated in a professional and respectful manner.

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