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About Main Care Energy

We are open 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays for service, delivery and customer service for all of our customers Propane, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, Heating and Cooling needs. Our customers always speak with an employee owner regardless of what hour of the day or night they contact us. They never get an answering machine or answering service. Through our Main-Care Connect customers have the ability to see what is going on in their home when they are away from it, simply and conveniently with the use of their smart device or laptop.

Albany, NY
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What employees say

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It pushes me to work harder and want to learn more.

Being treated like you are part of the Main Care team, and that your thoughts and ideas are heard.

The people I work with are helpful, smart and willing to pitch in at a moment's notice.

I am encouraged to succeed. I believe in the employee ownership model.

We are 100% employee-owned and that creates an atmosphere of working together to accomplish the most. These shares cannot be purchased, but are a gift.

We are always working together to improve and grow.