Legal Aid Organizations (Broward)

About Legal Aid Organizations (Broward)

A center for the practice of non-profit law, and home to Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida and Legal Aid Service of Broward County, our organizations focus on improving the lifestyle and living conditions of the low income community in Broward County by providing high quality free civil legal advice, representation and education, to encourage self-sufficiency among vulnerable populations.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Family Law Unit Celebrating At Employee Appreciation Luncheon

What employees say

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It allows me to help people who don't have a voice in society.

I love being able to help people.

Their background, their commitment, their values, their willingness to serve the disadvantaged.

The ability to reach one's potential while serving the neediest population.

I am impressed with the hard work, dedication, and professionalism the staff provides the low income citizens of Broward County.

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