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Wood Brothers Realty represents buyers and sellers and manages property for residential and commercial customers. Our clients come from all over the metropolitan area. Our centrally located headquarters allows us to reach all areas of the metropolitan area with ease. Wood Brothers Realty is one of the fastest growing, independent, family-owned real estate companies in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The Wood Brothers themselves, Buddy and Patrick Wood, grew up in the business and enjoy a proud family tradition going back to the 1940s. Their company is devoted to integrity, respect, uncompromising honesty and courageous leadership, as taught by their Father and Grandfather, L.K. Wood, Sr. Wood Brothers is dedicated to their clients' success. As mentors, peers, and partners, we act to help each other accomplish our goals without judgement or fear of reprisal.

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Saint Louis, MO
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Our brand new state of the art location at 6500 Chippewa Street in Saint Louis Hills 63109. Wood Brothers Realty occupies 4000sqft on the street level. More space is available for lease.

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