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NextStep for Life is a non-profit that develops ability for people with disabilities by providing support that enables them to live a life of quality and dignity. Approximately 926 people are served through residential, employment, community and family supports. Community Support Services are provided on an individual and group basis to teach skills that allow people to be independent and contributing members of the local community. Through Leisure Services, participants experience growth on a mental, physical, and emotional level. They learn skills such as handling money, social etiquette, making proper choices, and much more. These skills help to develop their independence and self-confidence. Employment Services assists adults in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment including transition from school to work. With the help of Family Support Services, family caregivers receive temporary relief of their care giving duties. Residential Services provide supports for people in caring, home-like environments such as assisted living apartments, group homes, or small homes or apartments in the community.

Mapaville, MO
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Director Jennifer Wooldridge with Frankie volunteering at the annual golf tournament. Frankie counts down the days leading up to the tournament each year. He is in charge of the weather!

Annual Staff Conference Relay Games Photo: Laura, Lisa, Nathan, and Cindy.

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