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About The Bernard Group,Inc.

After starting out as a print broker, we have evolved into a visual merchandising company that caters to the retail industry. The success of The Bernard Group can be attributed to our passion for exceeding our client’s expectations with our devotion to servicing them. We are unique in the industry because we are not only a printer, but also a designer and fabricator of displays in which our clients use to merchandise their products. We have positioned ourselves this way purposefully as there are very few companies who can provide both print and fixture solutions in a one stop shop environment. As a result The Bernard Group is in a very positive position for growth. However, we don’t ever want to lose sight of what we know is the overwhelming reason for our success - your talent and your heart to serve our clients! These two things along with our core values remain very clear to us and must remain true if we want to continue our success. We’re tireless in the pursuit of a challenge. We think off the wall, off the shelf, outside the box and way outside the comfort level of most other companies to produce one-of-a-kind merchandising solutions that go beyond the obvious to the extraordinary.

Chanhannasen, MN
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The Bernard Group Company Photo, October 2015.

The Bernard Group is 100% Employee Owned.