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About Be The Match®

Be The Match® is the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on saving lives through marrow and cord blood transplantation. For patients with life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. Be The Match® saves lives by connecting patients to matching marrow donors, conducting cellular transplant research, educating medical professionals, and supporting patients and their families throughout the transplant journey. Be The Match BioTherapies SM, our new subsidiary, extends these unique capabilities to cellular therapy organizations in pursuit of new life-saving treatments. Through this work, we can help more patients with life-threatening medical conditions and diseases, including those who face complications following transplant. As more is learned, much more can be done to treat cancer and other critical conditions in new ways—making this a natural extension of our mission to save lives.

Minneapolis, MN
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Be The Match Coordinating Center, Minneapolis, MN

5th Street Station Café located inside the Be The Match Coordinating Center

Employee commons area

Gathering space and conference rooms