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About Lifesprk, LLC

As a premium home care provider, they provide short and long-term care when a senior needs it most. But that’s just the beginning. Seniors experience other life challenges beyond the physical ones. When left unchecked, they too, can lead to frequent ER visits and hospitalization. That’s why the Lifesprk team of dedicated experts created the Lifesprk Experience™ - a whole person senior care solution that is personalized to address the uniqueness of each individual. Lifesprk’s proven results have reduced client ER visits by 52% and hospitalizations by 73%! That translates into significantly lower long-term costs for clients and the system. Plus, Lifesprk has one of the highest client satisfaction and caregiver retention ratings in the industry. Lifesprk has made it their mission to help seniors make the most of their lives. Lifesprk is for those who choose to stay in control and refuse to retire on life and who value their vitality and demand the very best care and advocacy to help them live the healthiest, most independent life possible - something Lifesprk calls living a “sparked life.”

Edina, MN
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At Lifesprk, we spark lives, starting with our people first.