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About ACR Homes

ACR Homes provides residential support services for people with physical and/or developmental disabilities, as well as care for the elderly including memory care through our affiliated company Arthur’s Residential Care. ACR has an outstanding reputation for providing consistent, high quality services since 1981. Our commitment to quality requires high standards for staffing. ACR has a thorough and detailed hiring and training process and excellent supervision and support. It is ACR’s core belief that all human life is intrinsically valuable. The value of life is not diminished because a person is disabled, unborn or near the end of life. Value is not determined by whether the person is independent or totally dependent on others. It is not based on productivity or on physical or intellectual potential or accomplishments. Value is not dependent on whether a person has family relationships or friendships. It is not contingent on being wanted, loved or admired. Human life is intrinsically valuable and worthy of dignity and respect simply because it exists. This core value is central to everything we do and every decision we make at ACR.

Roseville, MN
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