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Gurtin Municipal Bond Management is an investment management firm specializing in municipal bond portfolios for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals nationwide, and committed to our investors’ complete comfort in their municipal portfolios. Recognizing that investor comfort requires a team of only the most talented, upstanding, and passionate individuals, we are always looking to invest in individuals who will excel at Gurtin. With $13.5 billion in assets under management as of May 31, 2017, we are a fast growing and fast paced asset manager that offers a unique culture that combines the casual and collaborative work environment of the West Coast with the intensity, sophistication, and professionalism of Wall Street. Visit for more information. Mission: Gurtin Municipal Bond Management is committed to making investors and their advisors feel more comfortable with their investments and their financial future. We are committed to our investors’ complete comfort in their municipal portfolios and employ significant intellectual capital in the pursuit of new ways of thinking to protect and grow investor wealth.

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