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Pictometry is the leading provider of geo-referenced, oblique aerial imagery. Pictometry’s merger with EagleView Technologies, the inventor of 3D aerial measurement technology, in January 2013, means the company now offers a complete suite of technology solutions in the GIS, measurement and analytical space. Pictometry’s high-resolution oblique images, unlike traditional orthogonal (top-down) images, show each side of every structure, roadway and other outdoor object, with views from all four cardinal directions. Each pixel is individually georeferenced allowing users to quickly and precisely measure geographic position, height, distance and altitude directly on the images in real time. Pictometry’s unparalleled image library contains more than 210 million images captured by a fleet of 73 aircraft. Used daily by GIS, county assessment, public safety, defense, insurance, construction and utility professionals, Pictometry solutions bring field work to the desktop. Solutions are easily integrated into existing workflows through strategic partnerships and make it easy for users to make informed decisions and enhance productivity.

Rochester, NY
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