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A full service professional firm of Certified Public Accountants, serving local and national Affordable Housing/Community Development clients, Rochester-area businesses, and a large portfolio of individual clients.

Financial Services & Insurance
Rochester, NY
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Some members of our staff at the annual volleyball tournament.

Habitat for Humanity, Rochester fundraiser event.

Annual Golisano Children's Hospital Stroll.

What employees say

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It's a busy, challenging environment where everyone works together to get the job done.

The work is interesting and challenging. I have opportunities to work in various areas of the company and I find I am continuously learning and growing as a professional. My co-workers are wonderful.

The partners allow for flexibility in the schedule and everyone is very genuine and friendly.

I am always treated with respect and everyone here is so nice and friendly! It is an extremely positive work environment. The work-life balance is fantastic and the partners are very accommodating.

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