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Shockoe is cultivating innovation for a digital world. Mobile solutions consist of more than just applications, they are an entire ecosystem. We are mobile tech company based in Richmond, VA. We believe that technology can make business better. We make that belief a reality every day it the tools we build. The principles we use to guide out work as user-centered design, client collaboration, and rapid iteration. We combine data and instinct to create mobile-first enterprise solutions for modern brand. As technology continues to evolve, we are starting to see growth beyond mobile phones and apps through technology that will connect us to everything. 2017 appears to be the year the world moves beyond apps, social media, and websites. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs, designers, and developers working together to produce effective digital experiences. We were named one of the top boutique app development agencies, and we are one of the fastest growing companies in Richmond.

Information Technology
Richmond, VA
We're Hiring!

Shockoe houses two building on E Main Street- #1705 and #1707. Here is the entrance to #1705

One of the greatest things about working at Shockoe is that we don't take ourselves to seriously.

Our team lunch the day before Thanksgiving!

A key thing that makes Shockoe great is that first and foremost, we are a team. Here is a shot of some us during our annual Hackathon.

What employees say

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It enables me to help others to dream of new possibilities.

The ability to build new technology not being done by anyone else in Richmond. We work on cutting edge concepts such as AI, AR, VR and so much more.

My opinion is always taken to heart and thought through. Leadership wants to ensure that we are here not only to make money, but to learn.