Auditor of Public Accounts

About Auditor of Public Accounts

The Auditor of Public Accounts (APA), a legislative agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is responsible for auditing the Commonwealth's executive and judicial branches of government including agencies and public colleges as well as circuit court clerks and district courts throughout Virginia.

Richmond, VA
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Martha Mavredes, Auditor of Public Accounts, and Staci Henshaw, Deputy Auditor of Public Accounts

What employees say

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It is challenging. I am always learning new things and getting different opportunities. The people are great to work with.

It challenges me to think and engage.

APA strives to constantly present professional products. Employees are committed to our mission and purpose.

The people, the support, the work, the flexibility, the agency purpose.

I am allowed to pursue my professional goals using my talents. Also, I am allowed to think outside the box when reasonable.

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