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Tyndale is a service-based company offering turnkey Managed Flame Resistant Apparel Programs to leading companies and their subsidiaries, including 20 in the Fortune 500. Tyndale offers a full line of custom value-added services, including company-unique catalogs, websites, order forms, garments, reports, and invoices. Tyndale’s status as both a manufacturer of USA-made quality Flame Resistant garments, in addition to a distributor of popular Flame Resistant brands such as Carhartt and Bulwark, allows us to offer a full line of top-quality garments to maximize employee choice.

Pipersville, PA
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I love the culture at Tyndale.

How great the people are that work here.

I love the values of the company that guide our everyday actions.

The products we manufacture could save a life.

Pride in products and employee efforts are appreciated and recognized.

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