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About SofterWare, Inc.

SofterWare's mission is to develop, market, maintain and support software that is easy to learn, easy to use, and adaptable to users' unique needs. We are dedicated to always providing quality, value, innovation, and complete customer satisfaction through outstanding products and services. Our clients are non profits, private and public schools, childcare and camp organizations.

Information Technology
Fort Washington, PA
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What employees say

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Dude, it's awesome!

Individuality is welcomed. The employees truly care about the work that they do and are treated like human beings.

The opportunity for continuous learning and to have a positive impact on society.

SofterWare is like an extended family. They truly care about their clients as well as their employees. Giving back to the community is important and encouraged.

I respect both of our co-founders immensely and find myself constantly learning from them, even after working with both of them for many years.

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