People for People Charter School

About People for People Charter School

PFPCS is a public charter school that educates children from kindergarten to tenth grades with a curriculum that incorporates entrepreneurship into the main subjects. For additional information, please visit or call (215) 763-7060. The underlying purpose of The People for People Charter School is to equip students with a challenging educational experience in which the fundamentals of entrepreneurship are a primary focus. Economic, community and career education are being integrated into all subject areas in each grade. Our students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and interests through a highly innovative program.

Philadelphia, PA

What employees say

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I get to work with brilliant students who will one day run the country.

The leaders are one with the staff. Everyone pulls their weight. There is no such thing as high and mighty.

My colleagues, the support and encouragement.

The holistic approach.

The work atmosphere. It's full of positivity - there is nothing that you feel you can't do.