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About Mastery Charter Schools

Mastery Schools is a nationally recognized non-profit network of 22 schools in Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ. We are committed to fulfilling our mission that all students learn the academic and personal skills they need to succeed in higher education, compete in the global economy and pursue their dreams. Mastery Schools are free, neighborhood schools open to all students living within the schools’ respective catchment zone. At the core of every Mastery school is a set of values that guides all of our actions. Mastery’s values are infused in the everyday life of the organization -- in the recruitment criteria for new staff, in staff evaluation and promotion decisions, in the organization’s growth strategy and in the way staff interact with each other and the parents and students we serve. Founded as one school in 2001, Mastery Schools now educates nearly 13,500 students and employs 1,600 individuals. Learn more about us at

Philadelphia, PA
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What employees say

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I feel valued and respected. I also feel important, that my ideas are helpful, and that I am good at my job.

I feel like I am making a true difference. I feel valued and respected.

It's very rewarding to see children succeed.

The children I'm serving and the people I work closely with.

The people I work with care about my career and respect me.