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iQ media engages every PR & marketing professional with better data in paid, earned, shared & owned media analytics across television, online, social & first-party data sources. Our award-winning suite of analytics tools equip marketing & PR professionals with the data they need to make smart, forward-thinking decisions about how to manage brand reputation on television, online & beyond.

Information Technology
Conshohocken, PA
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What employees say

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The industry we are in is in is exciting and full of potential. New ideas are welcomed and embraced.

The idea that the projects that we are working on are ones that cannot be found elsewhere.

I am in the exact role I was hired to perform, and am seen and treated as the subject matter expert in that area.

It's rewarding, I'm supported and I'm growing and learning daily.

It affords me the opportunity to develop my talents with the diversity and rigor I expect to challenge myself and continue to grow.