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FS Investments is a leading manager of alternative investment funds designed to enhance investors’ portfolios by providing access to asset classes, strategies and asset managers that typically have been available to only the largest institutional investors. The firm’s funds offer “endowment-style” investment strategies that help construct diversified portfolios and manage risk. FS Investments strives not only to maximize investment returns but also to set the industry standard for best practices by focusing on transparency, investor protection and education for investment professionals and their clients.

Financial Services & Insurance
Philadelphia, PA
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What employees say

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I have the freedom to build and create. I love my co-workers and the team collaboration. I love the culture.

The way the company takes care of their employees, both mentally and physically.

I consistently feel challenged and encouraged to solve problems on my own. I have learned an immense amount in a short time.

The generous benefits and general atmosphere.

Senior managers are approachable and transparent.

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