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We feel that hotels and restaurants should offer a place for the human spirit to rest and renew. The best hotels and restaurants create an amazing experience for their guests, and by any measure, art is an integral part of creating that experience. Art Consultant Paige Powell, a Portland native and confidante of Pop Art legend Andy Warhol, worked closely with the city’s community to bring together a timeless and captivating collection to be featured throughout our property. People are multi-dimensional, so their surroundings should be, too. Art, architecture and design allow a hotel to blend the old with the new, the contemporary with the classic, and the comfortable with the exciting. With these creative mediums, one can create a mood and personality for a place that takes it from predictable and commonplace to unexpected and enchanting. Channeling the unique atmosphere of Portland and the surrounding area, the Nines offers a fascinating art collection that is both authentic and memorable. Our guests will be exposed to a variety of pieces that range from Hap Tivey’s Pearl Moon, a curious image depicting the elasticity of light, to Storm Tharp’s portrayal of Clark Gable’s personal narrative with Tie Salesman (Clark Gable). At the Nines, we are particularly excited about the opportunity to engage with our guests in celebrating fine art. Ideally situated next to bustling Pioneer Square, the Nines Hotel rests atop the landmark Meier & Frank Building and pays contemporary homage to the edifice's storied past, both in its striking décor and impeccable service. Flocked in glazed terra cotta, this fifteen story masterpiece was brought to life in 1909 and served as the flagship store and headquarters for Meier & Frank, once heralded as the largest retailer west of the Mississippi. Rich in history and accentuated with a diverse past, this iconic monument featured the first escalator installation in Portland and, in 1922, also functioned as the studio for Meier & Frank's very own radio station. At its peak, the building housed everything from a pharmacy, to a pet store, to a deli and served as Clark Gable's place of employment prior to him meeting fame and fortune as an actor in the 1930's. Through all of its alluring past, the Meier & Frank Building has remained steadfast as a timeless landmark in Portland's downtown culture. Urban Farmer in Portland stems from the concept of a modern, yet inviting locally-sourced steakhouse. The Urban Farmer backdrop is warm and elegant, yet quaint and rustic visually telling the life-story of the hardworking, country farmer who marries the cosmopolitan art-collector. The result is a space that is at once a restored farmhouse combined with an eclectically sophisticated art gallery. Urban Farmer’s menu continues the theme of juxtaposition as it appeals to every taste from simple to sophisticated. Our in-house butcher shop means that the whole animal is used in the most creative manner and with only the most meticulously selected heritage-bred beef, while our sustainably-sourced poultry and seafood are equally well-chosen. Our steakhouse, however, is not solely focused on meat alone, offering an array of flavorful, comforting sides, soups and salads chef-inspired from the season’s abundance. Our beverage program also compliments our food and concept taking its inspiration from early-American cocktail culture and proudly featuring local craft beers, a curated wine list and spirits with fresh ingredients to give them a creative twist. Floating atop the landmark Meier & Frank Building, Departure’s ambitious menu captivates diners with its masterful remix of authentic coastal cuisines. From street food-styled starters to meal-sized classics, rice and noodle specialties to market-fresh sushi, Departure embraces the bounty of the Pacific Northwest to deliver the fiery flavors of the Far east. Whether steamed or stir-fried, smoked or sautéed, each dish leads diners to another stage along Departure’s culinary adventure. In a space whose design is as daring as its cuisine, Departure is Portland’s sky-high retreat for both quick bites and leisurely dining. Step beyond its iconic façade into a world of cutting-edge interiors that seamlessly blend Portland’s pioneering past with its progressive future. With a relaxed, refined atmosphere, Departure is the ultimate location for encounters of every taste and style. Settle into your seat at Departure’s coolly elegant lounge or claim your perch on our panoramic deck and toast to the spirit of exploration with its menu of global cocktails – sipped high above the city center from Portland’s best downtown location.

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