About Nursingale

Nursingale assists parents in bringing their medically fragile children home from the hospital with the support of life saving medical equipment. We work with physicians, hospital discharge planners, case managers, guardians and parents to help relieve some of the challenges and overwhelming stress of caring for a medically fragile child or young adult 24 hours a day at home. Our nurses care for clients on ventilators, with feeding tubes/pumps, oxygen concentrators and cough assist equipment in their homes surrounded by loving family and friends. Our nursing services keep medically complex clients out of residential institutions and foster homes. Nursingale believes in keeping families together and through on-going communication with the client’s medical teams, we enable youngsters to live long, healthy and interactive lives.

9900 SW Greenburg Road, #290, OR
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Nursingale staff assist medically fragile children in many ways and are with them when they attend school.

Each in-home care shift begins with a nursing assessment to determine the ventilator dependent client's medical status.

Nursingale provides family-centered care as parental input is essential to the health, well-being and quality of life for the medically fragile.

One of the young adults cared for by Nursingale staff attends as many Winterhawk hockey games as possible and enjoyed meeting the players in May 2014.