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HawkSoft’s roots are in challenging the status quo of insurance agency automation with a surprisingly uncommon belief: insurance agents know how to do their jobs better than software developers. In 1984, Paul Hawkins and his 9-year-old son, Sean, began programming on a Tandy 1000 they purchased from Radio Shack. Their first programs included a check register, recipe book, and genealogy program. Paul opened his own agency in 1990 where the predecessor of the HawkSoft program, named PC-Client, was first developed. In 1993, Paul and Sean began development on the HawkSoft Client Management System. Paul Hawkins recognized the opportunity to apply technology to make insurance workflows more effective. HawkSoft is built around the agent’s workflows, not the other way around. We come to work to help agents do quality work more efficiently – not by forcing them to adapt to software, but by ensuring HawkSoft automates the actions that agents already know to work best.

Information Technology
Canby, OR
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Our front sign, made by CEO Paul Hawkins himself (just like all of our desks)

Paul Hawkins, CEO / President

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