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Amway is a direct-selling company that offers people the opportunity to own their own business by selling amazing products and building teams of others to do the same.

Ada, MI
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Martha Bailey, a line operator who packages Nutrilite supplements, credits her energy and her longevity with the company to the fitness offerings and 'being a product of the product.' She loves the zumba breaks, and celebrated 30 years with Nutrilite in 2017.

Desirae Lau, a manager in Quality Assurance, demonstrates of the many quality tests performed in Nutrilite's ISO certified labs. Our experts perform more than 25,000 tests each month and more than 500,000 quality evaluations each year.

Josue Calderon is one of four electricians who keeps the Buena Park facilities running smoothly. The Buena Park facility is in the process of installing solar panels in our parking lots and on our rooftops. When functional, they will provide up to 20 percent of all the power used at this manufacturing facility, or in other measures, the equivalent of 250 homes annually. Josue said, 'Coming to work at Nutrilite every day feels like I'm at home away from home. It's definitely the best place to work!'

David Mc Teir of the IT Tech Support group celebrated 20 years with the company in 2017. In addition to providing user support for employees, he also helps run the quarterly all employee meetings and supports the innovative multimedia stations in the Amway Business Center and tour route.