Martin Phipps PLLC

About Martin Phipps PLLC

The building: Designed by Martin J. Phipps and local architect Robert Moritz, the steel glass and concrete building was a new concept for San Antonio development. The building has been featured in numerous articles across the country. The building itself fosters a fun atmosphere for the law firms housed inside. Martin and team foster an atmosphere of color, healthy competition, growth and style. Employees can be seen sporting anything from Puma to Prada. The Phipps Anderson Deacon team flourished from four to over 100 employees, all officed throughout the Phipps Building. The Phipps building melds San Antonio style with modern architectural concepts to create a truly unique space. Paramour: Paramour sits atop the Phipps Building on the fourth floor overlooking downtown San Antonio, the Museum Reach and the San Antonio River. With over 8,000 square feet of bar and venue space, Paramour has become a San Antonio night life favorite for the trendy and informed. Specializing in craft cocktails, Paramour offers top tier liquors, stunning cityscapes and an eclectic hospitable atmosphere.

San Antonio, TX