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Education Service Center, Region 20 (ESC-20) is one of 20 non-regulatory, regional education service centers within Texas created 50 years ago by the Texas Legislature. The mission of the System of Education Service Centers is to improve student achievement in Texas by developing high quality services that enable schools to operate more efficiently and economically, and to support educators as they prepare the future workforce of Texas. ESC-20 serves 84 school districts and charter schools across 18 counties. ESC-20 schools include over 800 school campuses and exceed 470,000 students. We strive to provide collaborative and supportive relationships, administration, business, certification, curriculum, instruction and assessment, professional development, and specialized services and technology to our clients. Each employee is committed to provide performance excellence through teamwork and continuous improvement. We believe: in service first; our employees drive our success; collaboration maximizes results; in purposeful and effective communication; change is opportunity; in cultivating strengths; and learning is life-long.

San Antonio, TX
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